Risk Management

Investors Prepare for A Resurgence of Inflation

August 23. 2020
Family offices and institutional investors are positioning themselves for a resurgence in inflation across the world. The flow of capital into assets that act as a hedge against inflation indicate this.

CLO ETFS: A Historic Risk Transfer?

August 17. 2020
Family offices and institutional investors turned to an exotic instrument to generate income after the global financial crisis in 2008. Collateralized Loan Obligations or CLOs have seen a colossal wave of capital flood in over the past decade.

Covid-Proof: How Luxury Real Estate Withstood the Crisis

July 31. 2020
With a prolonged economic suspension and a historic wave of unemployment, real estate investors across the world have been apprehensive. Rents and property values in several cities have already started declining.

Are Family Offices Growing Queasy About Private Equity?

July 24. 2020
Family office investors say they view private equity with ‘greater caution’, after the pandemic-induced economic crisis. That’s according to a recent survey of 120 family offices by banking giant UBS.

Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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Professionalizing the Family Business

July 14. 2020
The culture and structure of a family business is organically unique. Most family-owned companies reflect their founder’s ambitions and personal values. Successive generations preserve and cement these values as part of the organization’s culture. However, to grow and evolve, families need to step beyond the clan. Recruiting, retaining and developing external talent is a key element for any family-owned company that aims to professionalize operations.

Navigating COVID’s Impact on Investments: Q&A With Blu Family Office’s Christian Armbruester

July 11, 2020
In this interview with MarketCurrents WealthNet, Blu Family Office’s founder and chief investment officer Christian Armbruester shares his team’s strategy for mitigating tail-end risks for clients and their outlook for the future.