Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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The Future for Aviation Industry Investors in a Battered Post-Covid19 Market

August 11. 2021
The aviation industry is unarguably one of the industries worst hit from Covid-19 when the virus literally brought the entire world to a standstill.

Indias Big Opportunity

March 28. 2021 According to reports from Goldman Sachs, India’s grocery online market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 81% through 2024. Several factors are contributing to this progression, chief amongst them; India’s burgeoning middle class and the coronavirus. Online sales showed huge gains for retailers. “Kiranas” India’s fabled “mom and pop shop” establishments, which carry staples for villages and towns have been at threat since the incoming of Western grocery supermarket chains as well as local brick and mortar competitors. ...

Africa’s Growing Wealth is Reflected in Luxury Demand

February 02. 2021
Africa may be less wealthy than other continents, but it’s creating wealth at a faster clip.