European Hedge Funds Catch Eye of Family Offices, Institutional Money

April 29 - May 03. 2019
Family offices and institutional investors are increasingly turning to European hedge funds. Funds in the region have seen assets under management rise to €587 billion ($683 billion) this year as investors seek underappreciated assets in a low interest rate environment, according to Bloomberg.

Blockchain Fundraising: Q&A with TokenMarket’s Ransu Salovaara on the Future of Family Office Investments in Tech Startups

March 25 – 29. 2019
Thousands of startups across the world have raised over $18.6 billion since 2017 through a quirky and innovative new method of seed funding. Known as an initial coin offering (ICO), the method involves combining the structure of an online crowdfunding campaign with the blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Family Offices Hunt for Yield in Second-Tier Property Markets

March 04 - 08. 2019
As real estate valuations in top-tier cities soar, family offices and wealthy investors are looking to second and even third-tier cities. Investors have gained better yields and the potential for higher returns while avoiding the looming risks of the traditional real estate hot spots.

Leveraged Loan Investors May Sound the Alarm in 2019

Investors have been pouring capital into leveraged loans for much of the past decade. But over the past few weeks, the market has been showing signs of weakness. Although there is no exact criteria for defining a leveraged loan, they are generally categorized based on how high the interest rate is and the creditworthiness of the borrower. A relatively high interest loan given to an individual or company with a poor credit history and a considerable existing debt burden may be what most investors consider leveraged loans. According to the International Monetary Fund, the global market ...

Global Investor Viewpoints

Global Investor Viewpoints

This event looked at the economic overview and macro trends affecting the US and Global Investment landscape over the next few months under the new administration.

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Is a Recession Imminent?

Dec 24 - 28. 2018
It’s nearly impossible to predict a recession or an economic crisis. Experts, investors and economists look for signals in the market, but the timing of an oncoming disaster is notoriously elusive. “One can view a recession as imminent but the ‘when’ is difficult to determine and easy to get wrong,” says Frank Pape, a senior director at Russell Investments.

Is Private Equity Getting Overheated?

Dec 17 - 21. 2018
Private equity has had a stellar run for the past 20 years. PE assets under management total more than $2.8 trillion, with nearly half of it in buyout funds, according to Consultancy.uk. At the same time, deal multiples, leverage ratios and the amount of uninvested capital in the private equity industry is at historic highs, according to a report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). All this may indicate an industry that is overheated, overcrowded and that there is too much capital chasing too few investment-worthy assets.

Investors Pursue Unconventional Real Estate Assets

Frank Rolfe, Co-owner, Mobile Home University Family offices and institutional investors are increasingly making contrarian bets on unconventional real estate assets. Mobile home parks, billboards and forestland are all experiencing a growing flow of private and institutional capital. Mobile Home Parks Many of these niche sectors in the real estate market seem to have cropped up out of nowhere. “We lucked into it. The industry went from being goofy and screwy a decade ago to winning the lottery based on where the nation’s demand has e...