First-Time Venture Fundraising Is Driving Startup Frenzy in the US

September 30. 2021
The pandemic threatened to collapse capital markets but, instead, sowed the seed for professionals in the VC industry to seek new directions. These professionals are now leading a resurgence in first-time venture fundraising in the US.

How Billionaires are Spending Billions to Slow Ageing and Defer Death

September 22. 2021 Money has always acted as a catalyst for solving many of life’s challenges and triggered breakthroughs that have transformed people’s way of life. It’s for this reason that billionaires have never shied away from pumping billions of dollars into ambitious projects aimed at solving some of the problems that have clobbered the human race. A ride to the edge of space is the latest to be conquered. A push to slow aging appears to be the next battlefield. Slow aging push The push to slow aging is being fuelled by the...

Institutional Investing Fueling Cryptocurrency Revolution

September 13. 2021 The concept of money has undergone a drastic transformation amid the digital revolution. The need for electronic payments as well as systems that can guarantee fast and secure payments is the catalyst behind an emerging asset class. Cryptocurrency revolution threatens to transform the global financial system even further. Cryptocurrency revolution In the early years of the cryptocurrency revolution, most institutions were skeptical about the emerging asset class. However, in recent years Bitcoin, and other smart curre...

Gold as a Buffer in the Midst of a Pandemic and Global Crisis

August 25. 2021 Gold is reputed to be a hedge against inflation and a store of value. However, there have been instances where the ease of liquidity has been questioned in times of crisis. For example, in the case of a global pandemic like what we had in 2020 and the rippling effect up till 2021, investment in gold has fluctuated. Pundits believe that investors have a lower risk of losing at a considerable margin when investing in gold than other commodities on the stock market. According to a renowned gold investor, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiri...

Global Investor Viewpoints

Global Investor Viewpoints

This event looked at the economic overview and macro trends affecting the US and Global Investment landscape over the next few months under the new administration.

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Billionaire Boosts New Personal Investment Strategy at Family Office

August 23. 2021 The family of Steve Cohen have secured the services of Todd Kristol to manage the expansion of their real estate investment. This is a new venture of the Cohen family after acquiring Met's last November. In his twenty-five years of being in the real estate business, Todd Kristol has managed over $2 billion. One of Kristol's recent clients is the late Don Marron, an American financier, private equity investor, and entrepreneur who until last year managed the family’s real estate until his death in December 2020. Kristol's portfolio wi...

Fashion Retailers Posted Weak Figures Last Year, Jeopardizing Family Offices’ Profits

August 20. 2021
At writing, close to 210 million people were suffering from Covid-19, and about 4.4 million deaths worldwide, according to Worldometer.

IOCs Looks to Startups for Ideas on Low Carbon Emission

August 20. 2021 The giant international oil companies are seeking solutions to their overdependence on fossil fuels. The British Petroleum Company, Exxon Mobil, And Chevron have taken bold steps to back their intentions with actions–they have invested heavily in startups that can develop long-lasting solutions to carbon activities. This decision to increase investments in their venture capital arm came due to pressure from stakeholders, government, and non-governmental organizations to drastically reduce carbon emissions. Reports have surfaced th...