Global Investor Viewpoints

Global Investor Viewpoints

This event looked at the economic overview and macro trends affecting the US and Global Investment landscape over the next few months under the new administration.

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In North America, Luxury Home Buying Is on A Recovery Trajectory

October 15. 2021 The concept of wealth differs across societies, and yet you’ll find particular things that cut across. For example, one is rich when one can buy or build a luxury home and adorn it with the most refined décor. After the pandemic shattered much of the global economy, there was widespread fear that the luxury home buying market would plunge into disarray. In a sense, it was a justifiable fear. Luxury home buying is heating up in the US For example, in the United States, the home market tanked across the board, where...

The Pandora Papers Leak Sheds Light on Wealth Planning for World’s Rich

October 12. 2021
The Pandora Papers leak exposes how wealthy elite worldwide hide substantial assets in financial secrecy jurisdictions to escape paying due taxes at home.

How Fashion NFTs Are Going for The Crypto-Wealthy

October 11. 2021 Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the latest in a series of groundbreaking products of blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin promised to revolutionize global currency, NFTs are the digital revolution for collectibles. But unlike money, NFTs are un-interchangeable, a unique property that extends what can be thought of as a certificate of ownership. Fashion NFTs are an inevitability NFTs date back to 2012, but they entered the mainstream in 2017 when people spent over $1.3 million buying kitties in the CryptoKitties game. The...