Global Investor Viewpoints

Global Investor Viewpoints

This event looked at the economic overview and macro trends affecting the US and Global Investment landscape over the next few months under the new administration.

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Family Offices Are Purchasing Cryptocurrency To Diversify Their Portfolio

May 25. 2021
Traditional family offices are quiet investors. While venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia come up often when speaking about Silicon Valley startups, family office capital is also flowing around the Valley, but without much noise. Still, family offices target high-yield investments to ensure they stay liquid, according to a Forbes Magazine article. Pivoting to Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is an exciting asset class, which has received tremendous media attention in the past five years. At the time of writing...

Why Investing Is the Most Suitable Approach to Wealth Management

May 20. 2021
Covid-19 is the biggest global health crisis on record since the 1918 flu. Official records show that the 1918 pandemic influenza killed approximately 50 million people worldwide. While the death toll from the current coronavirus pandemic might not reach the 1918 height, the economic toll is huge. The resulting lockdowns to control the spread of Covid disrupted the global economy and led to many people falling out of jobs. As expected, governments stepped in to prevent more people from falling into poverty. The government actions might have i...

How Wealthy Families Can Achieve A Smooth Transfer Of Reins To Younger Generations

May 25. 2021
They say the toughest part of being wealthy is learning to stay wealthy. Many rich families strive to live by this mantra, yet 90% of them lose their wealth by the third generation. Perhaps this is why families that are so desperate to stay solvent hook up with investment professionals in family offices. While family offices play a crucial role in asset management, the responsibility for a smooth transfer of wealth through generations mainly befalls the families themselves. How then can the families ensure the younger generations maintain t...