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Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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Rising Demand for Automotive PCBs Is Minting New Billionaires in Asia

October 11. 2021 Global electric vehicle (EV) sales jumped 160% in the first half of 2021 from the year prior. According to Power Technology, an industry publication, China claims the top EV market spot so far, where consumers bought 1.1 million EV units between January and July 2021. A combination of government subsidies and pandemic-led disruptions inspiring EV demand China has, for instance, been at the leading edge of the EV revolution for some time now, thanks primarily to government initiatives.

Is Climate Change Fueling a Property Boom Worldwide?

October 08. 2021 Few topics in the public discourse today generate more fear than climate change. According to a recent United Nations report, extreme sea-level events associated with tropical cyclones are at the highest peak in the past decade because of climate change. Thus, areas hit by the storms are suffering both property and human life losses. Cooler areas are teeming with climate migrants Since 1969, the earth has been warming up rapidly as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere build up. Because the planet stores 90% of the ex...

For Family Offices, IPOs Remain an Excellent Exit Strategy

October 07. 2021 This year’s SPAC boom was big news, seeing more than 600 blank-check companies raise at least $182 billion between January and April 2020. According to Bloomberg, family offices were the most significant driving force behind the SPAC economics. Traditional IPOs are still fashionable But it was not long before the SPAC mania ran into headwinds, such as clogged deal pipelines and closer monitoring by authorities following Bill Hwang’s Archegos scandal. In other words, the same reasons that made blank-check companie...