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2 Family Office Technology Trends Shaping the Industry

October 19. 2021 Technology is so pervasive in our lives today that one couldn’t imagine how an industry like private wealth management would operate without it. As technological innovations improve, our needs evolve alongside the change, leading to the need for even more sophisticated solutions. Over the past decade, family offices have grown 10-fold. One of the forces behind the exponential rise in family offices is new technology. On the one hand, family offices exploit cutting-edge tech solutions like artificial intelligence to refine operationa...

Why This Is Only the Beginning of ESG Investing Among Family Offices

October 07. 2021 Recent headlines in business media have shown a trend where investors are increasingly shifting their money towards companies with high regard for environmental, social, and government (ESG) issues. According to a poll by Kiplinger, more than 70% of respondents said a company’s ESG policy is vital when choosing investments. As with all investors, family offices want to make a positive impact with ESG investing Another outcome of the Kiplinger poll was that most investors cited making a positive impact as the primary r...

For Family Offices, IPOs Remain an Excellent Exit Strategy

October 07. 2021 This year’s SPAC boom was big news, seeing more than 600 blank-check companies raise at least $182 billion between January and April 2020. According to Bloomberg, family offices were the most significant driving force behind the SPAC economics. Traditional IPOs are still fashionable But it was not long before the SPAC mania ran into headwinds, such as clogged deal pipelines and closer monitoring by authorities following Bill Hwang’s Archegos scandal. In other words, the same reasons that made blank-check companie...

The Importance of Family Offices in the Maintenance of Family Wealth

September 02. 2021 Before the 19th Century, wealth distribution was more generationally inclined; you are likely to be rich if you are born into a rich family. The necessitating factor is the availability of a workforce to maintain the estate, link with the ruling power, and the reverence accorded to the nobles. This stance has changed through time as the evolution of machines has enabled the scalability in production, which has given rise to another crop of wealthy class: entrepreneurs. Thus, there has been a paradigm shift from monopoly through force t...

Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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Billionaire Boosts New Personal Investment Strategy at Family Office

August 23. 2021 The family of Steve Cohen have secured the services of Todd Kristol to manage the expansion of their real estate investment. This is a new venture of the Cohen family after acquiring Met's last November. In his twenty-five years of being in the real estate business, Todd Kristol has managed over $2 billion. One of Kristol's recent clients is the late Don Marron, an American financier, private equity investor, and entrepreneur who until last year managed the family’s real estate until his death in December 2020. Kristol's portfolio wi...

New House Bill Mulls More Regulations for Family Offices

August 05. 2021
The spectacular implosion of Archegos Capital Management in March left many investors in awe. For starters, Archegos isn't the first wealth manager in the world to go under, but how it sank and the scale of losses reported is what makes it spectacular. While the Bill Hwang-led family office boasted a $30 billion valuation at its peak, it sunk to under $10 billion in a matter of days. Moreover, an autopsy of the case indicated that Hwang was dangerously leveraged in complex derivative products. Regulators summoned to prevent another A...

What is in the Beauty Industry for Family Offices?

July 26. 2021
Mousse Partners is the family office that manages the fortune of billionaire brothers Alain and Gerard Wertheimer.