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Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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How a Family Business Teams Up With Local Charity to Provide Access to Clean Water

Dec 3. 2019
The lack of access to clean drinking water is a critical global issue. An estimated 801,000 children younger than five perish from diarrhea each year, mostly in rural parts of developing countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Making Philanthropy the Family Business

Nov 28. 2019
Family-owned businesses are increasingly adopting philanthropy as a core aspect of their business model rather than a personal endeavor relegated to the sidelines. With the rise of social entrepreneurship, families seem to recognize the intersection of their values and commercial objectives.

How Family Food Businesses Stay Ahead of Grocery Chain Behemoths

North America’s retail industry has become a case study for rapid disruption. Now dominated by major players like Amazon, Walmart and Costco, mom-and-pop grocery chains are increasingly rare. However, some family businesses have adopted the innovative culture of their larger rivals to stay ahead.