Family offices see potential in Asian fashion

April 30 - May 04. 2018
Fashion defines the street in Asia. You cannot escape the stalls as you wander through Asian markets, top quality wear at prices that people can expect only in post-Christmas sales. Two people have caught the Asian fashion bug in a big way. Ankita Bose and Dhruv Kapoor decided that Asian fashion needs an online platform to reach the global consumer. Enter, Zilingo, which was born in Singapore and has since made in-roads in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

South Korean warehousing investments riding e-commerce surge

Deutsche Bank’s asset management division DWS completed a $US 57 million deal to purchase a fully completed warehouse from LaSalle in Icheon City, south of Seoul. “Boosted by the growth of e-commerce in the region, a healthy leasing market, location and tenancy mix makes Logiport Icheon an attractive addition to our fund,” commented Victoria Sharpe, head of alternatives for Asia Pacific at DWS in a statement. “This is our third logistics acquisition in Seoul, we will continue to seek quality investment opportunities, such as Logiport Icheon, in the region.” E-commerce clicks d...

Family offices joining push for online education in India

April 23 - 27. 2018
The Reliance family office is picking up a 72.69% stake, worth about US$180 million, in Embibe, an AI-based education platform that uses personalization and customization tools to tailor learning and testing for students wanting to appear for entrance exams in engineering and medical fields. The investment will strengthen course content and expand into multiple languages and geographies.

Upswing Singapore fuels Bank of Singapore family office push

In a growing positive investor climate in Singapore, Bank of Singapore announced that it will be providing more personalized and hands-on private wealth and asset management services to family offices and wealthy investors. Singapore has long been a hub for moving investments across Asia. According to a UBS/Campden report, Singapore family offices had average assets under management of US$857 million last year, nearly double the Asia-Pacific average of US$445 million. And given the rise of Asia as a dominant investment hub, Singapore is the place to be. Government think tank at work

Indian Investment Landscape

Indian Investment Landscape

MarketCurrents welcomed Bharat Bhise of Bravia Capital in New York as well as Nitai Utkarsh of HeroMoto Corp’s family office based out of Delhi. Sumehr Sondhi moderated this panel on The Indian Investment Landscape.

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Solar power sunrise in India

The sun is shining in India. The Government of India has put down a commitment to achieve 175 GW (1 GW = 1000MW)) capacity in renewable energy by 2022 of which 100GW will be through solar. India is worried about climate change and population growth and has been on the forefront of the solar challenge since the early part of the last decade. The continuous Government support has seen India rise to the no. 2 spot in the EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index as part of a list of top 40 markets for investing in renewable energy compiled by EY. The effect is thanks to pricing, lon...

Vickers signals the start of ‘nexgen’ investment thinking

Whenever Dr. Finian Tan asks investors to step up, they do. He is after all known for his early bet on Baidu five years before it went public. So when Vickers Venture Partners (the VC firm he co-founded in 2005) announced that it will seek to reach the $500 million raise mark in 2018 it has caused many heads to turn and ask what’s happening with this Singapore-based fund. It’s just been three months since the firm closed it’s Fund V in October 2017 after meeting its targeted sum of US$230m and it’s sitting pretty with a total fund size of US$363 million. So far the firm was backing in...

Autonomous drives – good vehicles for family offices.

A young company has come up in Bengaluru. It’s called Flux Auto and it’s going where even the auto giants are hesitating. Self-drive trucks. They are in the research and testing mode of self-drive kits that can be retro-fitted on existing manual-driven trucks. So basically, forget making new assembly lines for newly designed trucks, they are talking about a ready, existing market that’s already on the road. This is serious disruptive thinking in an industry that itself is a disruptor. Interestingly they are boot-strapped and looking for investors. Recently Delphi acquired self-driving st...