Top 5 Countries for Higher Returns on Real Estate Investments

September 16. 2021 Real Estate Investments are some of the oldest and most lucrative in a world where options are plenty. In the past, people were mostly restricted to investments within their localities. The proliferation of the internet and the opening up of the global economy means a click of a button is all that is needed to access real estate investments worldwide. Below are some of the best countries for generating consistent and significant returns on real estate investments. Turkey Turkey is home to one of the fastest-growing e...

The Aftermath of Trump’s Sovereign Debt Binge

December 27. 2020
While campaigning for office in 2016, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to eliminate the nation’s debt burden within 8 years.

Los Angeles as a Tech Hub: Q&A With NMS Capital Group’s Trevor Saliba

December 03, 2020
Los Angeles has always been a hub for entertainment and real estate. However, in recent years the city has gained significant traction as a technology hub.