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InvestorView: US Real Estate

InvestorView: US Real Estate

The coronavirus pandemic impacted humanity in an unforgettable way, and the economic toll is unimaginable. For instance, investment across the board dropped to historic lows as buyers and sellers retreated into a safe space to protect their capital. But, even then, it is safe to say that different sectors of the economy suffered differently.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market

February 15. 2022
Artificial intelligence refers to the progress of computer systems capable of doing tasks that would generally need human intelligence (AI).

The Case for Plant-Based Meat

February 5. 2022
Food technology is a division of food science engaged in the production, preservation, quality control, and research and development of food products.

Biggest Tech IPOs of 2021

February 3. 2022
Despite economic uncertainties, favorable market conditions throughout 2021 resulted in a record-breaking year in terms of worldwide IPO value and the number of offerings.