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Global Investor Viewpoints

Global Investor Viewpoints

This event looked at the economic overview and macro trends affecting the US and Global Investment landscape over the next few months under the new administration.

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Institutional Investing Fueling Cryptocurrency Revolution

September 13. 2021
The cryptocurrency revolution is the new theme in the global financial system. Virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular thanks to acceptance and increased investment from institutional investors. However, heightened volatility threatens virtual currencies' popularity and adoption in the mainstream sector.

How Asia-Pacific Regions Are Rapidly Attracting Foreign Investments

September 02. 2021
Billionaires in The Asia-Pacific region now have a combined net worth of over $4.7 trillion, compared to North American Billionaires' $4.4 trillion net worth.

The Importance of Family Offices in the Maintenance of Family Wealth

August 25. 2021
Before the 19th Century, wealth distribution was more generationally inclined; you are likely to be rich if you are born into a rich family.