Investing in HealthCare

Investing in HealthCare

MarketCurrents hosted a group of international and prominent family offices to discuss the healthcare industry and the related case for investors.

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Los Angeles as a Tech Hub: Q&A With NMS Capital Group’s Trevor Saliba

December 03, 2020
Los Angeles has always been a hub for entertainment and real estate. However, in recent years the city has gained significant traction as a technology hub.

Hunting for Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate: Dr.Donald Wise

November 19, 2020
Commercial real estate has been caught in the eye of the storm this year due to the pandemic. Investor Dr.Donald Wise has spent decades seeking out distressed assets in such environments.

India’s Startup Opportunities: Q&A With Yogesh Mahansaria of the Mahansaria Family Office

November 19, 2020
India has quickly become a magnet for tech investments. Entrepreneur and investor Yogesh Mahansaria has been deeply involved in launching some of the most fascinating startups that have emerged on the subcontinent in recent years.