InvestorView: US Real Estate

InvestorView: US Real Estate

The coronavirus pandemic impacted humanity in an unforgettable way, and the economic toll is unimaginable. For instance, investment across the board dropped to historic lows as buyers and sellers retreated into a safe space to protect their capital. But, even then, it is safe to say that different sectors of the economy suffered differently.

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The Pandora Papers Leak Sheds Light on Wealth Planning for World’s Rich

October 12. 2021
The Pandora Papers leak exposes how wealthy elite worldwide hide substantial assets in financial secrecy jurisdictions to escape paying due taxes at home.

How Artificial Intelligence Spurs Business and Investment Opportunities

October 07. 2021
Artificial intelligence technology is playing a big role in transforming people's lives and industries. Technology has become part and parcel of people's way of life. Amid the social good it has created, it is the subject of concerns given the inequalities it's likely to spur.

How Dubai Golden Visa Program Will Transform the Emirate’s Economy

October 01. 2021
The Dubai Golden Visa program is attracting the wealthy from near and far. The emirate’s goal is to increase its wealthy individuals’ population, further diversifying the economy.