Investing in HealthCare

Investing in HealthCare

MarketCurrents hosted a group of international and prominent family offices to discuss the healthcare industry and the related case for investors.

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Having Real Estate in the Metaverse is a Dream Come True for Many People. How?

March 01. 2022
The Metaverse is a constantly changing realm made up of numerous digital realities. As individuals spent more time online during the epidemic, curiosity in the Metaverse and its features grew.

The Future of Global Digital Healthcare Market, Which Grew Exponentially During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

February 24. 2022
COVID – 19 threw the whole world into a mood of anxiety. The health care sector suffered from the over-capacity of patients in hospitals, to lack of oxygen, to people losing their lives.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market

February 15. 2022
Artificial intelligence refers to the progress of computer systems capable of doing tasks that would generally need human intelligence (AI).