Weekly Round-Up – July 20 to July 27

The Latest Family Office and institutional deals from the past week..


In The Post-Pandemic New Normal, Investors Are Reviewing Strategic Asset Allocation

July 28. 2021
The past year will go down in history as the Year of Misery for billions of humans. Specifically, lockdowns and other restrictions on movement caused the worst economic despair since the Great Depression. ...

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Global HNWI Population Ticks Up Despite Pandemic-Led Recession

July 28. 2021
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wealth Report (WWR), prepared and published by Capgemini. ...

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The Moon Is the Next Frontier for Civilian Space Missions

July 28. 2021
July 2021 was a special month for civilian space missions as Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos made test flights to the edge of the blue sky. Both of the missions were hugely successful. ...

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How Significant Is Education in Individuals’ Journey to Billionaire Status?

July 27. 2021
You have probably heard this line before that highly educated individuals tend to earn a better income and generate more wealth. However, a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis established that “correlation is not causation....

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What is in the Beauty Industry for Family Offices?

July 26. 2021
Mousse Partners is the family office that manages the fortune of billionaire brothers Alain and Gerard...

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For Indian Billionaires, Making Businesses Green Is Key To Survival

July 01. 2021
India is the world’s largest air polluter after the US and China. According to Carbon Brief, a clima...

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Impact/ESG Investing

April 14, 2021
PrivateWealthIntelligence spoke recently with Eric Wong of TCG Capital in Hong Kong and JJ Sowers of Sowers Family Investments to discuss Impact and ESG Investing. ...

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The Circular Economy in 2021: Q&A With Ditte Lysgaard Vind

December 30, 2020
Impact investor Ditte Lysgaard Vind has spent her career nudging businesses towards adopting the principles of the circular economy. ...

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Funding Search Funds: Q&A With Steve Ressler

December 22, 2020
Serial tech entrepreneur Steve Ressler has spent the past year focusing on investing his capital in emerging search funds. ...

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