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Family Offices Are Building Up Positions in Cryptoassets; Could This Signal Risk-Management Failure?

June 03. 2021
As of June 1, 2021, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was $1.63 trillion, 35% lower than the historical peak touched on May 12 this year. Still, the valuation is 504% higher than a year earlier, on June 1, 2020....

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Indonesia Targets its Billionaires For More Tax Revenue

June 02. 2021
Indonesia needs more money to fund government projects. It also needs to raise more tax revenue to reduce the budget deficit. It plans to drill deeper into the pockets of its wealthy citizens to get the money. ...

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China Is Witnessing Massive Wealth Creation; It Hosts the Most Billionaires Worldwide

May 31. 2021
March 2020 remains an unforgettable period as this when economies across the globe began to enter lockdowns to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease. By mid-year, there was little doubt that much, if not all, of the world would see a massive economic slump. The slump came, except in China. ...

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Nintendo Heir Comes Up With A Unique Family Office

May 31. 2021
There are more than 10,000 family offices globally overseeing the fortunes of high-net-worth individuals. More family offices continue to launch, perhaps a sign of the expanding global population of millionaires. ...

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The Pandemic Triggered History’s Biggest Wealth Transfer in A Single Year

June 08. 2021
Lockdown is one of the most dreaded terms among the world’s poor. Since March 2020, governments worl...

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How to Get Family Offices to Invest in Your Emerging Venture Capital Fund

May 25. 2021
The past few decades have seen venture capital funds become almost ubiquitous in the startup sector. Si...

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Impact/ESG Investing

April 14, 2021
PrivateWealthIntelligence spoke recently with Eric Wong of TCG Capital in Hong Kong and JJ Sowers of Sowers Family Investments to discuss Impact and ESG Investing. ...

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The Circular Economy in 2021: Q&A With Ditte Lysgaard Vind

December 30, 2020
Impact investor Ditte Lysgaard Vind has spent her career nudging businesses towards adopting the principles of the circular economy. ...

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Funding Search Funds: Q&A With Steve Ressler

December 22, 2020
Serial tech entrepreneur Steve Ressler has spent the past year focusing on investing his capital in emerging search funds. ...

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